More and more people are adopting dogs nowadays. These dogs have become a vital part of their family and daily life. But, with the adoption of a dog, the responsibility of its desexing also comes in. Most vets suggest that if you want de-sexing in north shore done for your, then you should do it an early age. For many dog owners this is one of the most confusing and important decision related to their pet dogs.

The dog owners that adopt dogs are equally in the position of becoming new parents to that dog and will have to take care of that dog as a child. From his food to bath each and everything is on the shoulders of the dog owner. The desexing of dog is another important thing that is extremely important if you are adopting a dog.

Misconceptions related to desexing

There are many misconceptions related to desexing of dogs such as many people think that it leads to removal of maleness from a dog, some people think that dogs become lazy and gain weight due to desexing. Many people will advise you to wait till your dog reaches his adulthood.

Benefits of desexing

It is highly recommended that one must desex his dog at an early age of around six months. It will also lead to many other health benefits such as it will not let generation of any reproduction related disease like prostate and testicular cancers in dogs, ovarian cancer in female dogs and other transmitted diseases and infections.

Desexing of dogs also help in the prevention of litters. According to a study, a single dog and female dog along with their puppies can produce around 66,000 more dogs in just six years of time.

The desexing of dogs and bitches removes the organs for reproduction that can lead to changes in the hormone levels of dogs and female dogs. It can further lead to inactivity to a certain level. To compensate for this owner can supplement their pet’s diet with nutritious food and also some extra dog walks.

De-sexing in eastern suburbs not only helps in controlling dog’s population and diseases but also helps in reduction of behavioral problems that can include aggression, mounting and roaming. But make sure you consult a trained surgeon only for de-sexing in north shore, as it is a complex process.