Hurricanes can be frightening to be caught into. While humans can deal with natural disasters through their intelligence, animals are generally left as dependents in such circumstances. Pets are the most vulnerable victims when a hurricane strikes. Evacuation is an important step taken after a disaster strikes, and pets are also a part of this evacuation process. Every year thousands of animals are left behind as disaster strikes. Authorities, therefore, request pet owners not to leave their pets behind during the evacuation.

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Here are some safety tips for pets after a hurricane hits.

1. Keep a pet emergency kit ready

It is highly recommended that you assemble an emergency kit for your pets and keep it at a location where it is easily accessible. This will help you in having all the required items handy in the case of an impending storm. You are preparing this kit for evacuation. Therefore, it should include strong and sturdy leashes and carriers which will help in easy transportation of the animals. This kit could also include emergency packed food for your pet, along with some essential medicines. Try and make this kit waterproof because you will have to evacuate in the rains.

2. Work on including your pets in the evacuation plan

You should always have an evacuation plan that provides for your pets; otherwise, you won’t have time to think, and your pets will be left behind when you are forced to evacuate. For this, you need to figure out what all you will need when you take your pet with you. This includes all the legal documents as well. You also need to make sure that your pet receives all the necessary vaccinations because it will be required in the camps.

3. Arrange a safe place for your pets at home

If you are not evacuating, you need to keep your home safe and provide a safe shelter for your pets. Make a safe area for your family and pets in your home where they can stay together in the event of a disaster. Make sure to cover all the open spaces like the fireplace, so that your pet doesn’t go there. Once the hurricane strikes, bring your pets indoors and tie them to a leash so that they don’t go out without your permission. It is essential to keep your pets indoors even after the storm.

4. Use the available resources

Several pet-friendly websites offer you a checklist of the things that you should keep ready for your pets. You can refer these websites so that you don’t miss out on anything.

You can also use the apps that help you locate the nearest safe place in the event of a disaster and take care of your pets.