With the festive season upon us, fireworks may be on the cards. Check out VetMeds ‘top tips’ to
help your pet get through what can be an anxious experience:

  • If you know when there will be fireworks, take your dog out for a good walk during daylight hours to burn off some energy.
  • As night approaches, close the curtains and doors to reduce the sounds and sights of the fireworks.
  • Give your pets someplace to hide such as under furniture, in a wardrobe or cupboard or even in their kennel. But don’t lock them up in anything small if they are distressed or likely to injure themselves.
  • It is fine to comfort your pet if it helps them to relax. For some pets, a slow, gentle pat on the chest and your body warmth can be very relaxing.
  • Remember that some pets like to be left alone when anxious or stressed so let your pet tell you what it needs from you.
  • Never punish your pet in this high-stress situation as this will make it worse for them, now and in the future.
  • Make sure your dog or cat cannot escape by closing the doggy door or cat flap.
  • Ensure your pet’s microchip details are up to date so that if it does escape it can be traced back to you quickly.
  • Seek veterinary advice prior to the time of fireworks as your vet can help you with an appropriate calming, anti-anxiety sedative to make fireworks less of a stress for your pet.