Teaching your dog cool tricks sounds like a good idea until you actually decide to put this idea into practice. Whether you are just attempting to teach your dog a few things orare going nuts with your pet’s inability to pick up or learn any kind of tricks, don’t worry. Here are seven cool tricks you can teach your dog which is sure to make puppy training in North Shore easy for your furry friend to master.

Teaching your dog to sit

this, you need a clicker and treats. Wait for your dog to sit on his
own. When he does this, immediately click and give him a treat.
Continue clicking and treating when he sits. Next, start saying the
word sit whenever you click. Then say sit and if he does so, give him
a treat.

Shake hands or high five

your dog sit in front of you When he lifts his paw click and treat.
Repeat this activity for five times. Wait for him to lift his paw and
then say the word ‘paw’ every time he lifts. Click and treat when
he does so.

Coming when called

with a lease in a quiet place. Energetically tell your dog to “come”.
Show them a treat while doing so. Once they do this click and give
them a treat. As time passes, slowly increase the distance between
you two and practice this routine in different situations.


use of distance, distraction and duration for this trick. Begin up
close from a sit or stand position. Hold a hand out and say ‘stay’.
After a moment, reward her. After a while, increaseyour distance and
duration before you let them go. Bring in distractions to check their


a rope toy to your dog and say ‘take it’. When they do so, gently
tug the toy to ensure the dog holds on and pulls against the tugs and
say ‘tug’. Treat them when they tug at the rope.

Bring it

your dog to get a toy by saying ‘take it’. Click and treat if
they bring the toy nearer to you. Do this for a few times until your
dog brings the toy to you without any encouragements. Use the command
‘bring it’ when you are teaching.


by playing tug. Say ‘take it’ when you want them to pick up a toy
and ‘give’ when you want them to let go. Afterwards, toss the toy
a few feet away and say ‘take it’. Treat them when they pick up
the toy.

These are a few tricks that are sure to be easy for your pet to pick up. You can also send them for puppy training in the Eastern suburbs if doing this by yourself feels like an unfruitful task.