Who doesn’t love a puppy? Taking care of one can be a huge task as need to be taken care like a human as they have some necessities and other things which needs to be considered. Getting a pup is a big responsibility, there are so many things that one should get used to such as regular cleaning, feeding him on time, taking him on regular walks, setting an appointment at a vent, etc. If a person wants to train her/his puppy in an efficient way then one can consult puppy Eastern training Suburbs to know more of them and how one stay in touch with them in an effective manner. Following are 5 stages of puppy development you need to know:

Stage 1: Neonatal Period which is around 0-2 weeks

This is the first stage of development of a puppy, this is where most of us don’t have one as they rely a lot on their mother where one can’t take a risk to separate them from their mother. The people who already have a dog might have an opportunity to witness the beauty.

Stage 2: Transitional period which is around 2-4 weeks

Pet grooming Eastern Suburbs deal with such pubs witnesses a great transition and miracle that one can’t express with words. Normal people may not be able to distinguish and understand the change but one can realize when their personalities come out.

Stage 3: Socialization period which is around 3-12 weeks

This is one of the most periods that the puppy goes through, during this period, people get their pups and become parents of these gorgeous ones. Changes take place rapidly which is where the hurdle starts as one might find it hard to match with their energy. Puppy Eastern training Suburbs help people to take a proper care of her/him in the most beautiful manner.

Stage 4: Ranking period which is around 3-6 months

Submission and dominance skills take place during this period which is when an owner realizes the power of her/his pup. One can contact pet grooming Eastern Suburbs to understand the nature of their puppy as their behaviour might be hard to cooperate with.

Stage 5: Adolescense which is 6-18 months

During this period, one can love their pups in the most adorable way
as an individual can train them according to one’s wish. They
become very cute and their hormonal change will definitely affect
their behaviour.