While most people stick to a conventional dog or cat, or something at least small, fluffy and cute, there are those who prefer a more exotic pal. No matter what pet you desire, it’s essential that you look after them properly and give them the individualised care required for their species.
Here are a few eccentric choices for pet owners.


Snakes remain a popular choice of pet because of their exotic and beautiful appearance. However, unlike a dog or a cat, they have not evolved to be dependent and friendly towards humans in the same way that dogs or cats have.
Snakes will tolerate a certain amount of handling, but will never become physically attached and crave human attention. Furthermore, keeping a snake as a pet requires a great deal of thought and preparation and an expensive enclosure to mimic the requirements it would need if in the wild.
Snakes feed on rats and mice, which may require visiting a more specialised supplier (not just your average supermarket!).


Despite their often negative portrayal in cartoons and the media, rats are actually highly social creatures that need frequent company, are intelligent and easily tameable.
Although rat cages are relatively cheap and easy to install, rats require at least an hour a day of attention and exercise outside of their cage. It is also preferable to have more than one rat as they are social creatures.
Rats are nocturnal, so they will be active all through the night, so don’t position a noisy rat enclosure too close to your bed!
The lifespan of a pet rat is only about two to three years. This makes them a better pet for first-time pet owners who just want to get a feel for owning a pet, or for kids.

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