The importance of preventative health check for your furry family member

Mar 13, 2021

Have you noticed how time seems to fly faster and faster each year, and before you know it, those regular reminders for annual check-ups are hitting your inbox and message feeds thick and fast from your GP, dentist, and yes, from your friends at the Vet too! The notifications flood can make it easy for us to miss an important reminder about your veterinary responsibilities, and that does not make you a bad fur parent – no judgement here! But, given our little four-legged dependants age at a must faster rate than us humans, an annual vet visit for your cat or dog is the equivalent of you seeing your doctor every seven years!

Hmm…kind of puts it in perspective when you think about it.

Our pets can be very good at hiding signs of illness or distress. Although dogs are more communicative, it is not uncommon for a dog to continue excitedly greeting you despite not feeling 100% on the inside. And all cat owners know how aloof and stoic our feline friends can be!

None of us want to see our furry family members unwell. Effective preventative health care and early detection of illness are essential to keep then happy and healthy. Preventative health checks provide the perfect opportunity for your pet to be protected against health risks and assessed for any signs of disease. And, as a bonus, they are a money saver in the long run.

So, what happens in a preventative health check at Vetmed? These consultations are multi-disciplinary to ensure a full nose to tail exploration of your pet’s health occurs. Your insights into your pet are vital to share in these visits also, as you are best placed to alert us to anything we need to focus on.

We will check that your pet’s vaccination and parasite treatments are up to date, and ask about daily requirements like nutrition, water consumption and exercise. Just like a human check-up, a full physical examination will occur, looking at their eyes and ears, the quality of their coat and check for any breathing challenges. We will feel for any gastrointestinal issues, urogenital issues, glandular concerns and assess their mobility.

As well as their physical health, we are also concerned about their emotional and mental health, and a routine check enables a discussion about any behavioural concerns like ‘accidents’, changes in temperament or vocalisations.

Should anything be of concern during this routine check, we can then explain any recommended follow up actions, and stay one step ahead of anything that looks to be threatening your fur family members health and happiness.

We all know that prevention is better than cure, and prioritising your pet’s preventative health check will have you pet parenting like a pro. Let the team at Vetmed give you that ‘high five’ feeling each year and reward your fur baby with a clean bill of health!