Family holidays are some of the most wonderful experiences that we can share. We get to explore new places and forge new memories, all with the people who are most important to us. For many of us, our beloved pets are a big part of our family and we want them to come along on the journey.
Travelling with your pet can be a wonderful experience but it can also present some challenges. Before hitting the road, it’s worth considering the best strategies for travelling with your pet and the options you have if you’re leaving them behind.

Travelling with Your Pet

Everyone enjoys adventures, relaxation and exploring new things and the same thing applies to most pets. If you want to build your bond with them on a road trip, consider these strategies for making your pet comfortable.

  • Familiarise them with their travel crate – take your pet on some short trips before your journey so they get used to both the car and the travel crate. When travelling, make sure you provide their favourite toys and other creature comforts.
  • Consider calming medicines – talk to your vet about the possibility of calming medicines for your pet. They won’t always be appropriate, but sometimes they can be a good way to help your pet enjoy the holiday even if they don’t like the journey.
  • Avoid overfeeding – treats can be a calming presence for your pet but it’s important to plan your feeds carefully. Make sure they get all the food they need without making them feel sick. A lighter meal before travelling may be a good idea.
  • Research airlines – if you’re travelling by air, your airline’s policy will determine how your pet travels. Research these policies online and see if there’s an option that works for you.

Using a Pet Boarding Facility

If you can’t take your pet along with you, a pet boarding facility is probably your next best option. The key is to find a clean and well-maintained pet boarding facility where your best friend can feel safe, secure and loved. Here are some other things to consider.

  1. Visit Catteries and Kennels in Person
    While it is a bit of extra work, it’s important to visit in person before making a booking. This will help you compare facilities and staff before making an educated choice.
  2. Find out if They Cater to Your Needs
    Good boarding facilities will accommodate for your pet’s specific needs. Find out if the boarding facility is willing to change things around to suit your pet’s preferences.
  3. Do They Ask for Your Pet’s Vaccination History?
    If the boarding facility doesn’t ask you about vaccination, they probably haven’t asked other customers either.
  4. Learn More about the Routines They Follow
    Well-kept boarding centres will also have a set time to exercise your pet. They will ask about your pet’s medical history and work out a diet and exercise plan to make their stay more comfortable.
  5. Check the Size of the Cage Used to House Your Pet
    Your pet should be able to easily sit, stand or stretch in the cage without feeling very restricted.

Choosing a VetMed Boarding Facility

At VetMed, we truly care for your pet. That’s why we offer purpose-built boarding facilities for cats and dogs. Our fully-trained and passionate team will care for your pet all through the day and night, whether you’re going away or they require long-term medical care. From feeding to playing to grooming in our salon, we give your friend a holiday of their own.
To find out more about our boarding centres, visit us online or call a centre nearest to you.