When we decide to provide a new home for a pet animal and have it living with our family, it is a huge step we take as the owner of the pet and its life. As much as fun it is to bring a puppy dog home it is equally important we understand the responsibilities as a pet owner.

It is always good to prevent the pets from any sort of diseases and infections. Dog vaccinations in eastern suburbs are the best for the puppy dogs to keep them away from illness. Similarly, cat vaccinations in eastern suburbs help protect your cats from various infections and diseases.

There are a few things we should consider before we choose to vaccinate your pet. Any pet animal, not only dogs, can have an adverse reaction to any sort of medicine especially vaccine. There can be sensitive reactions caused be a number of disturbances within their body that might result in low blood pressure irregular heart rate and sometimes even depressed breathing rate.

Here are some important aspects about dog vaccinations that every pet owner and vet in Northbridge should know: –

  1. A life-threatening reaction can occur after a vaccination. The reaction may require rapid medical intervention to save the animal’s life.
  1. Improper handling of vaccines or syringes can result in infections at the injection site as well as post-vaccine fibromas.
  1. If a vaccine intended for administration is accidentally delivered intravenously or if an intranasal vaccine given parenterally, a life-threatening reaction may occur.
  1. The vaccine is not going to be effective for any of the following reasons:

(a) It is outdated

(b) Left unrefrigerated too long

(c) The syringe has residue or contaminants in it

(d) Vaccine is exposed to sunlight, heat, or freezing

  1. The proper route of administration is important. To be provided either on skin or under the skin has to be taken care accordingly.
  1. Some brands of vaccines are more effective than others.
  2. No vaccine manufacturer guarantees that every animal vaccinated will produce protective antibody. There is a wide range of responses possible to each vaccination.
  1. If you vaccinate someone else’s animal and they pay you for the favor, you are considered by state statutes to be in violation of the law. Only a licensed veterinarian may legally receive a fee for administering vaccinations.

Being a pet owner is a very big responsibility and you should try your best to fulfil your duty towards your furry friends. With these tips about vaccinations with you, your task becomes a tad bit easier.