Pet ownership is a big responsibility as well as a great joy. Pets bring their own unique personalities to your home, and will undoubtedly change the dynamic. It’s important to be prepared in advance and consider all the aspects that go into caring for your pet. From properly choosing the right friend in the first place to the values of grooming – here are a few things we at VetMed think are essentials.

Choosing the Right Pet

It’s important to choose the right pet for your circumstances – work, free time, space, children etc. – and know what you’re in for.
The RSPCA reports 130,000 animals being returned last year, by people who were unable to uphold the responsibilities of looking after a pet.
If you have a family, it is often the family’s responsibility and they must each be made aware of their own end of the bargain to uphold. Perhaps smaller animals, like a bunny-rabbit, are better for a first pet for children and help them to learn the responsibilities involved in looking after a pet. A placid cat is better than an active dog for a smaller apartment.

Diet and Exercise

The basics of diet and exercise for your pet should be obvious enough – make sure they always have access to water, get regular exercise, and don’t overfeed them. Although, that can be hard – humans know when to say ‘no more’ to food, but this isn’t always the case with your pet!
It’s important to remember that different animals and breeds have different dietary and exercise needs. Depending on the size of your pet, and the energy and bodily structure of your pet, it might be more or less likely to develop certain health problems. For instance, Jack Russells have boundless energy and are likely to put a lot of stress on their (often sturdy) frames – and this often leads to knee complications later in life. Other pets are more likely to laze around all day and will need to be coaxed into exercise. Know your pet’s habits and devise a routine that properly accommodates their needs as well as yours.
Be careful what you feed your pet as well as how much. For instance, vets often recommend feeding dogs and cats dry food rather than wet – because it helps to maintain their oral health.

Regular Vet Checkups

Even if your pet seems in happy spirits and good health, it’s important to take them to regular, scheduled vet checkups. Such checkups are crucial for maintaining the long-term health of your pet. Remember, vets are experienced professionals, and will be able to spot problems not obvious to you.

Microchipping and Vaccinations

It’s compulsory in most parts of Australia for dogs and cats to be microchipped and have some basic vaccinations. Vaccinations help ensure the health security of both our animal and human populations.
Microchips are essential in assigning responsibility for lost pets and they help you reunite with your animal in the event that they get lost.


Taking care of your pet is not simply about keeping her healthy, it’s also about ensuring they have great quality of life. At VetMed, we offer not only dog grooming and cat grooming that will have your pet looking wonderful – we also offer services such as full body massages, bath and blow dries that will improve your pet’s happiness, and likely yours!

VetMet Is Here to Help Your Pet

Pet ownership can be a big responsibility, but we love those who are up to the challenge! For various veterinary needs, or to make an inquiry, contact us today!