Owning a pet can boost your physical and mental health

Sep 2, 2022

Let’s face it, owning a pet is a massive responsibility and commitment. Pets are not just for birthdays and Christmases – they are for life and deciding to add a new member to your family is not a decision to be taken lightly. That said, becoming a pet owner truly is life changing on every level – both physically and emotionally.

Research has shown that dog owners are more likely to take their pet out for a walk or run every day, and therefore creating a fun way to fit exercise into their daily routine. We tend to get out more when we own a pet, and often look to our pets for companionship. Some pets serve a very specific purpose in the form of companion or service dogs for people who suffer from ADHD, panic disorders or who are blind. Other benefits have shown that pets are instrumental in reducing anxiety and boosting self-confidence. Patting a dog is known to bring calm, which is why dogs make such great therapy buddies. Our pets love us unconditionally and we’ll do absolutely anything for them. Without us even knowing it, they help us to meet new people on walks or at the dog park. Dog owners are forever stopping and chatting – never getting your name but always remembering your dog’s name!

A furry addition to the home can aid in the reduction of loneliness in adults creating a meaningful connection and a sense of purpose for many. Whether it’s a walk with your dog or snuggles on the sofa with your cat, pets really do wonders for our mental health and wellbeing. Further studies have shown that when we pat a pet, our bodies release hormones that create a sense of relaxation, which in turn decreases our stress levels and blood pressure. Amazing!

Pets also teach us responsibility which is particularly good for children. They need feeding, walking, cleaning, and washing. Children can assist and should be encouraged to with help preparing their pets food by filling the food bowl, brushing them, changing their water or cleaning out the rabbit hutch. Helping out can also build self-esteem and create a sense of accomplishment in a child.

So, whether you’re at the fish, rabbit, cat or dog stage, Vetmed are here to help you along the way!