A trip to the vet doesn’t have to be scary
For cats and their owners a visit to the vets can be a stressful event but with a bit of prior planning it can be an uneventful and even pleasant experience.
Often the hardest thing to do is to get puss into the carry cage. It is vitally important that cats are transported in a suitable cage as it reduces the risk of them getting under your feet and pedals when driving. When they get to the clinic even the calmest cat can get startled by an unexpected noisy dog, try to escape and even scratch you in their panic.
The key is not just to grab your cat and shove them in a cage. The aim is to make the cage a pleasant place to be.
Keep the cage out at all times to make it a normal thing not something that comes out when the cat goes to strange places. If this is not possible every now and then bring it out to make its appearance normal. Get your cat used to eating in the cage so it is seen as a safe non threatening place. Some cats will even use it as a bed as a cat carrier is a safe enclosed place to sleep.
If your cat won’t walk in to the carrier, slowly walking them backwards into the cage is a much less stressful technique than being pushed in head first. Imagine if someone tried to push you into a box your first instincts will be to resist.
Covering the cage with a towel and using feliway spray will help reduce the anxiety of the car trip.
When you get to the clinic make sure the carry basket is away from noisy dogs. Place the basket up on the counter and sit away from dogs. If appropriate we may check you in directly in a consult room.
In the consult room do not pull your cat out as we like to give them time to assess their surroundings and come out in their own time. Sometimes no matter how patient we are cats will not leave the safety of the carrier. Many times we can leave them in the carrier if it has a removable top and perform most of our examinations while safely in the basket.
Missing a meal before coming in and bringing your cats favourite treats to give in the consult room can also assist in making the trip to the vets a pleasurable experience.