People today are more open towards petting an animal and the most popular one is a dog. It is cute, loyal, man’s best friend, lovable, emotional, dependable, trustworthy, etc. which are some reasons why the crowd is looking towards getting one. Pet boarding Eastern Suburbs help a person to get one according to the criteria which they’ve set for themselves. There are several factors that one should consider while selecting the right dog:

  1. Breed

Not many are aware of various breeds that are available across the globe, for example, pug became popular in India post the advertisements of Hutch, now known as Vodafone, such is the awareness among the common crowd. One should note that every breed which looks pretty and cool doesn’t survive in all climate; people at times misjudge the environment and get dogs who aren’t able to adapt the surrounding and sadly die because of its inefficiency to gel in with the atmosphere. Pet boarding North Shore warn their customers about the responsibility they have to go through so that they know what comes in the way and how to deal with it.

2. Size

There are various sizes of dogs from small to large found in the surrounding. Small sizes dogs are preferred by people are who looking forward to carrying them in their arms but at times they might risky as they need lots of care and possibility of their injury is open to a large extent. Medium ones are more safe, reliable and one doesn’t need to give him more care like the former one. There are many pet boarding Eastern Suburbs who make the owners understand the pros and cons of getting a particular size.

3. Age

Many people do have the tendency to adopt dogs who are newborn as they find that it gives them an opportunity to take responsibility as a parent and understand their requirements. On the other, there are few who love to tame them when they are more a year old as one doesn’t need to take the complete accountability of their infancy period.

4. Activity and maintenance

If a person is lazy then one should actually acknowledge one’s strength and weakness then get one as there are some of the dogs who are very active and the owner is very lazy. It’s best to adopt one who has some similar traits so that both can stay fit and healthy. Maintenance is the other factor that one should consider as there are low and high maintenance ones; if a person is not financially stable enough and gets a high maintenance one then it can disrupt and endanger the life of the poor animal. So, be wise enough before making a big decision.