When you are heading off on holiday, you have what can seem like a million things to stress about. Who will be caring for your beloved pets should not be one of them. At VetMed we’re dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pets; here’s what sets us apart from the rest:
We keep the family together: If you have more than one dog or cat, chances are that the two of them are used to each other’s company. Being separated from you is hard enough for them; so we don’t think they should have to be separated from each other as well. We will gladly keep your furry family together during their stay. Not only does this make the overall experience less stressful for them, but it also makes it much more enjoyable, as they have their regular companion to play with throughout the day.
Loads of play time: Your pets don’t just get to play with each other. They get to play with our staff too. We take them out twice a day for walks so that they can get their daily exercise in, and we also provide them with plenty of play time to keep them occupied and entertained while you are gone. There are many toys for them to engage with, and our team members are actively involved as well to provide lots of social interaction for your fur babies.
Dedicated, caring staff: We understand that your pets are part of your family, and that is exactly how we treat them here. You can rest assured that your four-legged companions will be treated with just as much love here as they would be at home. All of our staff members love animals, and it shows in their dedication to caring for each and every pet that stays with us. In a recent article, ‘Australian Pet Boarding Facilities You’ll Love’, Bupa Pet Insurance named us as one of the best due to our dedication to all our charges.
Individualised care: Each pet has its own unique needs, and we are proud to accommodate them to your specifications. We can even provide grooming services so that your little fur ball comes home to you nice and clean!
Next time you travel, take the stress out of organising care for your pets by booking them into one of the best pet boarding facilities in Australia.