Toilet training is one of the most rigid problems that a pet owner faces. No one is a master at training their pets on, or about toileting. It requires patience and persistence.

Well, no worries. Over the years, vets have found simple ways to maintain and develop positive toileting habits for your pets. There are certain rules that you should be considering:

Toilet Training Rules

  • A puppy will not and should not go to the toilet in the place where they sleep
  • Your puppy will adopt better routines if given a reward and encouragement
  • Puppies generally go to the toilet in the area they have previously

These points are enough to establish great puppy toilet training habits with our customers on the north shore and eastern suburbs.

There are three environments and routines that can help your puppy in the early learning stages of toilet training:

· 1. Supervised Puppies

Keep a constant eye on your puppy. At regular intervals take them to the place you have chosen for them to go to the toilet. This can be a training pad or perhaps newspaper placed in a location in a grassy area. At times puppies may attempt to run inside your home where it is more familiar to them. Should this occur, simply encourage them and transfer them to the designated area. After they have relieved themselves, praise them.

2. Free Puppies

Unfortunately we cannot always be with our pets. You have to leave them while you do the grocery shopping, drop off or pick up the kids from school and when you go to work. During these times its important to establish a safe and appropriate space for them to reside while unsupervised. Somewhere they have access to food, toys and most importantly access to their toileting area.

3. Crated Puppies

Puppies that are crated should be taken to the nominated area for toileting before putting them into their crate, for example before bed, and also first thing in the morning when they wake up. It’s also very important that should your puppy spend longer periods crated, that they are regularly taken to their toileting spot. Be sure to reward and praise them for good toileting behaviour.