Lauren Walker


Associate Veterinarian

Lauren has been working as a Veterinarian with the Vetmed team since 2017 across all four branches, but is currently at Randwick and West Lindfield. Lauren grew up on a Cashmere goat farm, where she owned a menagerie of pets including pet rats and a peacock. She fell in love with the idea of being a vet after reading James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small and volunteering at the RSPCA. Later, Lauren moved to Sydney to complete a Bachelor of Veterinary Science.

Lauren has a group of treasured clients who exclusively see her at whichever practice she is working. She is warm and caring with her patients and their owners, and will work meticulously to reach a diagnosis for your pet and get them back to feeling their best.

She enjoys practicing medicine best, but is a competent surgeon and one of only a handful of veterinarians at the practice skilled at laparoscopic desexings. Lauren enjoys dentistry, and helps train junior veterinarians in their extraction technique as well as mentoring them during their first year with the practice.

Since graduating, Lauren has completed over 3 years of additional study in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pathology, and is currently one of only 10 people in Australia undertaking her Chartered Veterinary Practitioner Accreditation, which is in its inaugural year. This accreditation program aims to create a widely-accepted mark of excellence in the veterinary profession that is recognised by veterinary professionals and the general public.

Outside of work, Lauren shares her life with her husband and daughter. She is in a Book Club and enjoys picnics, strolls and ticking things off a to-do list.