Dr Lauren Walker


Associate Veterinarian

Lauren has always enjoyed looking after all creatures- great and small, which may be the result of having grown up on a farm with Cashmere goats and her own menagerie including peacocks, chickens, dogs, cats, pet rats, fish and stick insects.

Lauren is a graduate of the University of Sydney in Veterinary Science and has undertaken further courses  in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pathology and is currently focusing her studies on Small Animal Internal Medicine.

Since starting with VetMed in 2017, Lauren’s responsibilities have included consulting with owners about patient concerns and illnesses, surgery on patients, organising vet specialist talks and overseeing the kitten adoption program.

According to Lauren, her favourite part of her job is, “trying to be the voice for the pet – figuring out why the animal is sick, and helping the owners to understand and treat these issues”.

When she is not busy at work, Lauren enjoys pilates, swimming, being part of a book club as well as taking care of her spirited adopted  cat – Tiger.