Back to his bouncing boyish self in no time!

Oct 10, 2022

Male Dog Desexing

The canine male can be a proud and manly beast, but when those baby boy puppy eyes bid their goodbye to you, ready for their ‘big op down there,’ it’s easy to wonder if they will ever forgive you? As the highly experienced vets in all techniques of desexing on the north shore and eastern suburbs, we can assure you that your little friend will not only get through the procedure in a flash but will be back to his bouncing boisterous self in no time and his ‘boys’ will be a distant and irrelevant memory.

Castration, or male desexing, in our young canine companions comes with an extensive list of health and behavioural benefits like reducing dominance aggression, risk of hernias and some cancers like testicular and anal tumours, not to mention reducing the chances of a knock on the door looking for the father of a new litter in the neighbourhood! That said, it can still be a little confronting when your fur baby greets you in his ‘cone of shame’ post op and may give you the impression that recovery may be a tedious and longer road than anticipated.

At Vetmed we love to ensure our patients are both informed, reassured, and ready when it comes to recovery expectations and timings for their newly neutered newbie. So, fear not, the procedure itself is quick for your pooch, and post operative pain relief will help recovery happen faster than you may think. In addition, the practice of laparoscopic surgery at Vetmed has helped with dogs with abdominal testicles experience minimally invasive surgery. Your champ will have started his recuperation with us, with 2 hours of monitoring once he has woken from his anaesthetic to ensure comfort and recovery before he can head home for convalescing cuddles.

Additional pain medication and discharge guidelines on how to administer the meds, feeding post op and other helpful info to support your new role as a temporary vet nurse will be provided to support your pup. You can expect a quieter version of him on the night of the ‘snip’ in most cases, but the next day will bring with it the energy and enthusiasm you are used to in your playful pup.

For some puppies, the excitement of reuniting with their loving family overrides any awareness of the events of the day, and the challenge can be to keep them calm. Your post op pup will need his sutures removed approx 10-14 days after the procedure, and during this week or recovery, it is best to try and limit activity to leash walks, and less physical play to support healing. So, beyond the day itself, castration recovery time for your fur baby boy is usually both speedy and uneventful. And as for his memory of ‘what once was’?

Well, we don’t often compare a pup to a goldfish, but we expect that his memory of his ‘lost boys’ should disappear quickly! If you need more information about desexing on the North Shore or Eastern Suburbs, the helpful and friendly experts at Vetmed are here to help. Drop us a note and we can have a chat.