Alex Fletcher Senior Veterinary Surgeon

Alex Fletcher

Senior Veterinary Surgeon

Alex’s love of animals and her passion for medicine helped her decide to pursue a career as a Veterinary Surgeon.

Alex completed her undergraduate degree at Sydney University, and then completed a postgraduate Masters degree, at Murdoch University.

Alex has been with Vetmed since 2008 and works as the Senior Veterinarian at the West Lindfield branch. Her key responsibilities include training and mentoring all levels of staff across the VetMed clinics. She has a focus on ensuring all the VetMed vets continue their CPD learning and disseminate this knowledge, to benefit all the team.

Alex’s love for figuring out the impossible and treating all types of animal illnesses has helped her get close to her patients and clients and she prides herself on providing the best professional care available.

Alex’s love for all animals naturally extends to her own beloved pets, which include Ferguson, a thirteen-year-old Cornish Rex, Adso, a ten year old Himalayan cross cat and M.T (Mongy Tripod), a three-legged German Shepherd cross, that she bottle reared from one week old.

Alex’s family is completed by her husband Jes, who generously supports her animal rescuing and spoiling habit!

When Alex has some spare time, she loves to do aqua fitness and yoga, walk MT and spend time having adventures with Jes, and planning their next holiday.

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