Andrew Herron

Director & Senior Veterinarian

Andrew studied at Sydney University and started Vetmed in 1996. Andrew has always had an interest in medicine but became a vet because of his love for animals and interest in the science of being a Veterinarian. He says the best thing about being a vet is getting to see and work with animals all day long and helping their owners to understand the issues at hand. To solve the patient’s problems and getting to be part of other people’s families.

Andrew is an amazing listener and his clients are often saying how much they appreciate his time and extra care and effort that Andrew willingly gives. Andrew’s love for animals is obvious when you look at the number of pets in the Herron household. The Herron’s have four pets, two dogs, Stella and Maddie. And two cats Primrose and Eddie. The Herron clan is completed by Andrews wife Jacqui and three children. Andrew works out of Randwick and West Lindfield Vetmed Hospitals.