Dr Elaine Zourkas


Associate Veterinarian

Having graduated in 2015 from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor in Veterinary Science (Honours Class I), Elaine is an Associate Veterinarian. She enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, however has a strong interest in internal medicine. She has particular soft spot for cats, particularly caring for our older feline friends and managing the conditions they often develop with age.

Elaine comments “The best part of being a veterinarian and coming into work each day is meeting new clients and their pets! I enjoy getting to know my patients and their families, becoming a part of their lives and helping keep them safe and healthy as they grow old”.
Outside of work, Elaine enjoys spending quality time with my family, friends and keeping active. Not to mention spending to odd lazy day at home cuddling with her gorgeous cats.
Elaine had two rescue cats, Portia who is seven years old and Sebastian who is three years old.

Having rescued Portia as a young kitten while studying Veterinary Science at university, within the first week of having her, she became critically ill and required a lifesaving blood transfusion. Elaine holds a very special place for Portia.

Sebastian was found as a tiny stray kitten on a construction site and bought in one day where she was working – of course she couldn’t resist his cuteness and took him home that very afternoon!

There is room for a third cat! Elaine is just waiting for the purr-fect addition to add to her family.

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